MMA Burn & MMA Build Workouts | Personal Training | London
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Classes & Personal Training Packages Covering Central London

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)- fast paced, ultra efficient training. Burn more calories, develop explosive power. This is an increasingly popular training method amongst athletes as it allows them to fat burn whilst building lean muscle. We use a unique combination of bodyweight, resistance and bag & pad exercises to provide an unequalled HIIT session.


HIIT can also trigger the ‘afterburn’ effect- boosting your body’s metabolic workrate post-exercise. This is a distinct advantage over slow rate cardio, as well as being far less time consuming. This programme is ideal for torching fat, building fierce cardio and generating explosive power. Be faster, stronger, fitter- contact to book your HALF PRICE first session.


Wednesday and Friday 0800-0835 @ Jubilee Hall Gym Covent Garden

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Circuit based training focussing on strength and conditioning, cardiovascular fitness and motor skills training.


We build speed, power, endurance, technical skills- everything required to improve athletic performance whilst keeping sessions interesting and diverse. As well as training pads, ground and pound on the bag and knees in the clinch, we train strength, agility and cardio using a variety of equipment and training methods.


This is a great ‘all rounder’ programme. Develop your fighting skills whilst building strength, fitness and a strong, tough, healthy body. Build physical and mental toughness, counteract stress and get into fighting shape. All levels catered for, from total beginners to professional fighters. Contact to book your HALF PRICE first session.


Tuesday and Thursday 0800-0840 @ Jubilee Hall Gym Covent Garden

Monday Morning MMA – Technical MMA Training

Weekly class covering with technical MMA class. Focussing on striking (boxing, thai boxing) and grappling (wrestling, submissions, sweeps, ground n pound and positional work).


The classes will be structured in a way that will lead on from week to week, although new members will still be able to join in any week and start learning.

0730-0830 Mondays @ Jubilee Hall Gym Covent Garden

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Personal Training

Max is a fully qualified level 3 Personal Trainer (REPs recognised YMCA Fit). If you’d like to benefit from some 1-2-1 or small group Personal Training, please get in touch to discuss your goals and to build your bespoke Personal Training package.


Max specialises in:


    • Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Foundations
    • High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
    • Boxing, MMA & Thai Boxing padwork
    • Fat Loss
    • Diet
    • Motivation
    • Lifting & Strength Training
    • Transformation