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About 100% MMA – Mixed Martial Arts based Strength and Conditioning sessions in Central London

Max ‘100%’ Cotton is the founder and owner of 100percentmma.com. He has been involved in training martial arts since 19 years old and began fighting at 23. At that time, Max trained under Steve Papp in Nottingham. When Max met him, Papp was working with UFC fighter Dan Hardy leading up to his title shot (1st Brit to fight for a UFC title).


Steve’s ethos was ‘fitness, fitness, fitness’. He built mental and physical resilience in his fighters through hard work and consistency in training. Steve ingrained this philosophy in his students and his circuit sessions were notoriously tough.


Since moving to London in July 2015, Max began training more often with his longtime friend and head of the EKBJJ association Eddie Kone. As well as being a 2nd Degree Brazilian Jiu Jitsu blackbelt Eddie works with a host of high level MMA fighters, many of whom are in the UFC.


Eddie turns out extremely well conditioned and skilled fighters from his academies consistently. Through training at EKBJJ HQ, Max not only picked up a wealth of knowledge to apply to his own training but also expanded his network of fighters and coaches in the MMA and BJJ world.

Max (centre) training with renowned MMA coaches Steve Papp (left) and Eddie Kone (right)

Developing The ‘100% MMA’ System

Looking to return to active competition, Max wanted to find a training system in London that would benefit fighters like himself who wanted to get fight-specific fitness and conditioning sessions. Like the vast majority of fighters, he worked in a full time job. Training around this meant that training had to be time-efficient and consistent.


Realising this fight-specific conditioning didn’t exist, he left his job, studied for a Level 3 Personal Training qualification, took his idea and developed the 100% MMA Build and Burn sessions. Originally, the concept was intended purely for fighters but as he shared his vision with others, he realised that this type of training could benefit everyone.


Borrowing from Steve and Eddie’s training philosophies, and many other martial artists Max had trained with, the 100% MMA strength and conditioning system was born.