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The Bad News Blog Vol. II- not long to go…

The Bad News Blog Vol. II- not long to go…

Harry ‘Bad News’ Hughes takes us through his training as fight night draws closer. Enjoy! -Max

It’s now less than a month until my fight and as I get closer to that time, everything starts to change. My body is slowly growing a collection of scuffs and bruises from training, however my stamina and strength is constantly improving, along with my technique. My mind appears to be more calm and collected, giving me a composed attitude towards training.

Overall I feel stronger, faster and more relaxed as the days go by. This is all thanks to being pushed beyond the limit by Max and Jack. For example I had one session with Jack last week, where I endured hits to the stomach, which consists of holding my arms up while being hit in the gut by one of the striking pads we usually use for practicing leg kicks and laying on the floor while having a 5kg medicine ball dropped onto my dying core. While it sounds horrible, it helped me to cope with sudden strikes to the gut and kind of makes you feel like a badass (a slightly crippled badass). Ever since that though, I’ve found myself to be susceptible to random medicine ball attacks when training the core in our morning sessions!

I did some sparring with Jack on Monday for the first time which was fun. It being my Birthday then, MMA sparring only seemed more appropriate for the occasion. It was interesting this time because we had MMA gloves on and no shin guards (going super light), which made kicking more realistic, which by that I mean you could feel the trade off a lot more than with shin guards. The MMA gloves gave me full potential to grapple when on the ground, compared to sparring with boxing gloves, for obvious reasons. Overall it was a surprise and an awesome generous gift from Jack. It was quite funny actually as this was happening in the middle of a grappling class while everyone was free rolling (practicing/drilling skills on eachother), and even after me and Jack finished our little sparring session, we got back into rolling with the others.

My cardio is at a point where I feel the need to push harder in each session. Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t get easier, in fact it gets harder but now it’s different and my mind is focused with no thought, just movement. Because before it was a mind game, where a lot of my valuable concentration was lost on endless thought, but now I just move. This is the same for when I work the pads with Max, which even though there are times when I get confused, I still feel the flow of it all and just act rather than thinking about how to act and then missing the target.

I’m looking forward to sparring with Max and Adrian again, because that’s where all of this comes into action and I can really put my technique to the test. It’s one thing knowing how to do something but it’s another when trying to apply it. Similar to Bruce Lee’s philosophy, where everyone has their own way, I need to find my way with each technique, and that’s why even though I can smash it on the pads, I must learn how and when to apply it for my own way of fighting.

This fight is getting closer every single day and with the arrival of my fight poster, I get this sense of pride in myself. Like I could’ve not done any of this and just stay safe at home, working by day and playing video games at night. But instead I chose to spice my life up a bit by getting into fighting and MMA. Literally any person with a sense of logic will ask me, “but why fighting? Why not any other sport that doesn’t involve you getting hurt?” it’s because for me it’s utter chaos of it all that draws me to it. Although I can’t speak from experience, I can say that the idea of being so calm and composed in what should be a terrifying moment, is really fascinating. The overall philosophy and psychology of fighting intrigues me.  

So to cap it all off, right now at this moment in time, I’m feeling ready, I’m feeling strong and I’m gonna put on a show for what will be my first amateur fight.

Make sure to get your tickets for the fight asap! You can get them through me @double_haitch and make sure to stay tuned with the crew: @maxcottonpt, @collins909 on instagram!


The fight will be at HybridFight 10 on Feb 17th at The Greene King Stadium in Hinckley, Leicestershire.

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