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And the best place to train in 2018 is…

And the best place to train in 2018 is…





Brazilian Jiu Jitsu







Ski fitness (yes that’s really a thing in London now).


So many choices- which is the best?


The answer is simple. The one you actually enjoy!


If you don’t enjoy the activity, you won’t stick at it for long, and the likelihood is you’ll reverse any gains you made and then some.


I was never massively into sports at school, only taking up fighting afterwards and then joining the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu society at Uni. I liked strangling people so I would drag myself there after a heavy night no problemo.


When I did a triathlon last year, I told myself I’d get a bike afterwards and keep up the running, swimming and cycling. I can confirm I have not ran, swum or cycled ANYWHERE since I finished that race. It just doesn’t appeal to me enough to be a priority right now, and I can’t imagine it will until I decide to do another triathlon.


Rather than signing away 12 months to a budget gym this January, use the time to try as many different sports and fitness styles as possible until you find something you can stick at for more than a few weeks.


Paying for a gym membership may make you feel good but it won’t get you results unless you put the time in. Put yourself out there and try a few new things before committing to a cheap gym contract that you’ll never actually use after a few weeks.


Just think ‘fuck it!’ and do the Barre/Ski/MMA/Hula hoop class. It’s the only way to find your groove and you may surprise yourself at what tickles your pickle. Take a friend and at the very least you’ll have a good laugh.


Once you’re involved in a community and training in a way that you enjoy every week, I guarantee you’ll be more likely to stick at it and therefore much more likely to get results.


Get to where you want to be, but don’t forget to enjoy the process! Have a great 2018 everyone.

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