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Cold feet – winter gains and why they matter

Cold feet – winter gains and why they matter

It’s winter, it’s cold, I get it. It’s easy to get up and train in spring and summer, when natural light wakes you up and it’s not cold as balls outside.

So where do we find the motivation to get up and get it done when it’s so much easier to stay in bed?

Because it needs to be done. Simple as.

Anyone who follows my Instagram will know that recently we got a rescue dog (Kai the Lurcher). He’s awesome. Anyway, every morning we’re up at 6 and out in the freezing plains of Bermondsey for walkies.

Why? Because if we don’t, he’ll piss and shit all over our nice house. And we would have a fat lurcher. So we get it done and everyone involved feels great about it after.

Don’t piss and shit all over your health & fitness because it’s cold and dark outside. Your body doesn’t care what time of year it is. You only get one body, look after it all year round and it will look after you.

Here’s 3 steps to making it easier to commit to and follow through with morning training:

  1. Be prepared. Set out your gym stuff and have your bag packed before you go to bed.
  2. Don’t wake up at the last minute. Get up when your alarm goes off first time and give yourself time to have a coffee and adjust. Snooze is for quitters and that’s not you.
  3. Update your instagram story as soon as you leave the house, and smugly let everyone know your plans. Use the time and temperature stickers for full effect (see above pic for inspiration). You’ve told the world now, no backing out. See you at training!
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