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Your Health Is Your Wealth

Your Health Is Your Wealth

How much of a priority is your health, to you? Personal Training and premium classes shouldn’t just be a luxury of the rich and famous.


Training in London can be affordable if you really want to make a positive difference to your lifestyle. Here are some practical tips and insight that I’ve learned working closely with my clients on their goals (both fitness and financial!).

As a London based Personal Trainer and business owner in the fitness industry, I’m often asked for discounts because training is too expensive. And it’s true. London is not the cheapest city in the world for high-quality coaching. It’s not cheap for the trainer and it’s not cheap for the client – mostly due to expensive building rent which leads to high gym overheads.

With that in mind, what options are there? Read on to see how my awesome clients have made practical steps to get the results they want, without breaking the bank.

Firstly, the Budget Gym

There are many budget gyms out there, which can be a good option for some. But bear in mind that these are highly over-subscribed and rely on members not actually coming.

Uproxx have published an eye-opening blog ‘How Low-Cost Gyms Like Planet Fitness Make Money‘ which shows how one particular gym had 6,000 members, and yet could only accommodate about 300 people at a time! On top of that, 50% of those 6,000 members didn’t attend once! If all of these members were committed gym goers, the gym would need to accommodate closer to 1,500-2,000 during peak hours.

The budget gym trick is that the monthly payment is so low, members don’t feel compelled make any sort of return on their investment. In other words, there’s no guilt factor about the spend. If you struggle with motivation or hate crowded gyms in peak times, you should avoid these places!

REMEMBER that value for money is what’s important. You need an affordable option, but one that will get you results. A £25 monthly gym membership is cheap, but not if you pay for a year and go just three times. You will have no tangible results and be £300 out of pocket.

So, if a budget gym isn’t going to work what options do you have for affordable training?

The Typical Londoner

Recently I was speaking with a potential client (we’ll call him Jamie) who was eager to train with me but worried if he could afford enough sessions to make the drastic change he wanted.

Jamie was desperate to get in shape and needed the help, but wasn’t sure if he could find the money to pay for one-to-one training. We sat down to discuss where he might be able to cut back and reprioritise his outgoings, especially if he was going out a lot on weekends (who needs booze anyway when your gym has a protein shake bar?!).

Then Jamie dropped the typical Londoner bombshell-  he’d spent £120 in the pub on Friday night and not even had a good time


It turns out that this is a pretty standard occurrence for Jamie and the other clients I meet. Despite a modest salary and city-life outgoings, Jamie doesn’t think twice about dropping £100+ on a typical night out – which, over the course of a weekend, can easily double or triple.

I know this is tough love, but a lot of Londoners can afford decent training. Their health is simply not high-up enough on their priority list, whether consciously or subconsciously. If you’re serious about making a lifestyle change, are there areas in your life you could cut back on, to enable you to afford it?

Maths to find the cash

Let’s look at a fairly standard ‘Thirsty’ Thursday night out in London-

Pub or bar after work: £30

Drinks and bar/club entry: £60 (a conservative figure for some reading this I’m sure)

Uber/taxi home: £10

Food to settle the stomach: £10

That’s £110 right there. That’s not even considering the few thousand empty calories consumed. If you’re serious about getting into shape, you may need to learn to say ‘no’, a little more often. Not only does the partying cost you money you could be using to improve your wellbeing, alcohol is a massive GAINS KILLER and will undo much of the hard work you’re putting in. Alcohol makes you fat – it is the worst kind of calorie.

If you consider how £110 could be invested in training, it could equal 11 group sessions at our Burn or Build classes when bought at £10 each. That’s 3-4 weeks of sustained, premium fitness training, covered by sacrificing just one night out.

Think about it. Is it worth it for you?

Your health is your wealth

Regular fitness training and a generally active lifestyle makes you feel good, look good and does wonders for stress and mental health too. But more than that, investing in a healthy body is an investment in your future.

Aside from reducing your risk of diseases and cardiovascular issues down the line, functional training can improve your posture, bone density, mobility and quality of life in later years. Tomorrow’s you will thank today’s you for the time you put in!

If you’re looking at your income and thinking that you have no wiggle room to pay for training, here’s some tips on freeing up some funds towards building a fitter, stronger body:

  • Cutting back on drinking & going out– I know, this is a tough one. But not only will you save A LOT of money, your results will come quicker and you’ll feel WAY better!
  • Meal preparation– many people living and working in London will easily spend £5-10 on food during the day, if not more. By prepping your meals at home, you’ll know exactly what you’re eating, and you could save upwards of £50 per week! (I do this, trust me it works!)
  • Check your direct debits and subscriptions– how many services are you paying for that you actually use? Prepare yourself, it can be scary…
  • Underused (or worse, unused!) gym memberships– are you paying for a gym membership either near work or home that you don’t use or barely use? Cancel it, and put the money towards Personal Training or a paid class that you’ll attend and be pushed harder for your money. Look out for PTs that include a gym membership in their fees – I do this for my clients and it makes a huge difference to their fitness and bank balance.
  • Sell your children to the circus. Children are notoriously expensive, taking up time and energy that could be spent training.


Thanks for reading and I hope you’re feeling inspired! Feel free to email me directly if you’ve got any questions, want to talk training costs or further information for PT or classes.

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