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Don’t hate on resolutioners!

Don’t hate on resolutioners!

Happy New Year everyone! One of my resolutions is to get more active on this here blog, so I hope some people are reading!

In the run up to the New Year, and for a few weeks after, there tends to be a fair amount of contempt from pre-Christmas ‘serious’ gym goers towards ‘New Year’s resolution’ gym goers.

Typically the the arguments are as follows: a) ‘resolutions are stupid, why do you need to wait until January to get fit?’ or b) ‘damn resolutioners coming to my gym, taking my equipment. I’m a serious gym-goer and I’m having to wait to use my favourite bench.’

The first argument doesn’t really make much sense, people do things for equally arbitrary reasons all the time that don’t get nearly as much hate. Bruce Lee’s movies in the 70s inspired a generation of Martial Artists and fighters, such as Nigel Benn. My point is, if it inspires someone to get fit and start training, does it matter what the motivation is?

I can empathise with the second argument slightly (only slightly) more, given that I was on that side of the fence this time last year. I remember leaving the office at lunch to go to the gym (the same gym that had been totally empty 10 days prior) and finding the place absolutely rammed. I was more angry at the gym than anything else, I didn’t understand how they could allow so many new members at once?

What I’m coming to realise from sitting on the other side of the fence, as a small business owner in the fitness industry, is how expensive it is even to run a little start up like mine. Renting studio space and PT studios in Central London can get costly quickly. Scale that up to having to run a Central London gym, the operating costs from month to month will be huge. Gyms rely on a boom in January to hit their revenue targets. If they don’t hit these targets, eventually they’ll have to put up their prices for ALL clients. 

So if you like your gym cheap (or at the very least you don’t want it to be more expensive), don’t grumble too much about resolutioners… After all, you were a beginner in the gym once too, and no doubt you’ll be a beginner at something else at least once in your life, so try and encourage and motivate people who are starting out.

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